Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operation Maintenance Handbook

7.8.4 Replacing batteries in the separate battery case
Prepare 4 alkaline batteries (UM1type) commercially available in advance.
(1) Turn machine (servo amplifier, separate type detector interface unit,
and analog servo interface unit) power ON.
(2) Loosen screws on the battery case to remove the cover. For placement
of the battery case, refer to the machine tool builders manual.
(3) Replace the batteries in the case. Insert 2 batteries each in the opposite
direction as illustrated below.
(4) After replacement, install the cover.
(5) Turn machine power OFF.
CAUTION Replace the batteries when the power to the servo amplifier,
separate detector interface unit, and analog servo interface unit
is ON.
Replacing the batteries with power OFF causes the absolute
position stored in memory to be lost.

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