Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operation Maintenance Handbook

7.9.5 Operation at power–up
Follow the procedure explained below to perform setting and maintenance
operation by using the rotary switch (MTSW), pushbutton switch (PSW), and
7–segment LED (LEDM1) on the Power Mate i.
(1) Primary selection (selection by the rotary switch)
Before turning on the power, set a desired number with the rotary
switch. (The rotary switch must be set before the power is turned on.)
When the power has been turned on, the selected rotary switch number
blinks on the 7segment LED if the rotary switch number is set to a
non–zero number. When the pushbutton switch is pressed while the
LED indication is blinking, blinking stops, then the secondary selection
explained below starts.
(2) Secondary selection (selection by the 7segment LED and pushbutton
After the primary selection operation is completed, numbers that can be
selected for the secondary selection appear on the 7segment LED in
succession. While a desired number appears (for about one second),
press the pushbutton switch. Then, the number blinks (at high speed).
If the selected number is correct, press the pushbutton switch again.
Then, blinking stops, and the secondary selection is completed. If the
selected number is wrong, or if you want to cancel the number selection,
hold down the pushbutton switch for at least three seconds while the
number blinks (at high speed). Then, the selection operation is
canceled, and numbers are again displayed on the 7segment LED one
by one.
(3) Tertiary selection (selection by the 7segment LED and pushbutton
switch) and subsequent operations
When the tertiary selection is required, selectable numbers appear on
the 7segment LED sequentially after the completion of the secondary
selection operation. Select a desired number using the 7segment LED
and pushbutton switch in the same manner as the secondary selection.
The subsequent operations are the same as explained in (2) above.
To perform the primary selection for another setting item after completing a
selection operation, turn off the power, then perform steps (1) to (3) above.
After completing all the primary selection operations, be sure to set the rotary
switch to 0.
NOTE Although the rotary switch number setting is possible when the
Power Mate is on, the primary selection is made at power–up.

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