Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operation Maintenance Handbook

Data Types and Valid Data Ranges of Parameters
Data Type
Valid data range Data Type Valid data range
Bit Word
Bit axis
0 or 1
Word axis
32767 to 32767
128 to 127
99999999 to
Byte axis
128 to 127
0 to 255
2–word axis
99999999 to
NOTE1 There is something to which the range of setting is limited depend-
ing on the parameter No.
NOTE2 A part of the parameter can be input with the setting screen.
NOTE3 In the description of a bit-type parameter, the explanation written
at the left-hand side of a slash (/) corresponds to setting 0, and that
at the right-hand side corresponds to setting 1.
NOTE4 <Axis> indicated at the right column in a parameter list shows that
the corresponding parameters are specified for each axis.

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