Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operation Maintenance Handbook

7) Parameter for Axis control/Incremental system
Contents Remarks
1001 Parameter relating to least input increment
#0 INM : Least command increment on linear axis is,
mm system (0)/inch system (1)
1002 Parameter relating to number of control axis
#0 JAX : Number of simultaneous controlled axis in
manual operation is, 1 axis (0)/3 axes (1)
#1 DLZ : Reference position return function without dog
is, disable (0)/enable (1)
#3 AZR : For G28, specified when a reference position
has not yet been established, deceleration
dogs are used (0)/ALM 90 is issued (1).
#7 IDG : When the reference position is set without
dogs, automatic setting of the parameter (bit 0
of parameter No.1012) is: not performed (0)/
performed (1)
2 axes for
1004 Parameter relating to least input increment
#0 ISA :
#1 ISC :
#7 IPR : Least input increment of each axis is set to 1
time (0)/10 times (1) as of least command
ISC ISA CODE Least input increment
01ISA 0.01 mm or 0.01 deg
00ISB 0.001 mm or 0.001 deg
10ISC 0.0001 mm or 0.0001 deg
IS–A is
used in
1005 Parameter relating to controlled axis detach
and reference position return
#0 ZRN : A command is issued in automatic operation
before a return to reference position has not
been performed since the power was turned
on, an alarm is generated (0)/alarm is not
generated (1)
#1 DLZ : Function for setting the reference position
without dogs disabled (0)/enabled (1)
#3 HJZ : For manual reference position return when a
reference position is established, deceleration
dogs are used (0)/the setting of bit 7 of
parameter No. 0002 is followed.
#6 MCC: At axis removal, the MCC is turned off (0)/only
motor activation is turned off (1).
#7 RMB : Setting to detach of axis control for each axis is
not effective (0)/effective (1)

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