Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operation Maintenance Handbook

Number RemarksContents
1819 Follow-up, feed-forward <Axis>
#0 FUP : When the servo system is turned off, a
follow-up operation is performed based on
*FLWU (0)/is not performed (1).
#1 CRF : When servo alarm No.445 (software
disconnection), No.446 (hardware
disconnection), No.447 (hardware
disconnection (separate type)), or No.421
(excessive dual position feedback error) is
issued, the reference position setting remains
as is (0)/the system enters the reference
position undefined state (1)
1820 Command multiply for each axis (CMR)
CMR t 1 Setting value = (1/CMR) +100
CMR y 1 Setting value = 2 CMR
Least command increment
Detection unit
1821 Reference counter capacity for each axis
[Detection unit]
1825 Servo loop gain for each axis [0.01 sec
] <Axis>
1826 Inposition width for each axis [Detection unit] <Axis>
1827 Inposition width for successive cutting feed
blocks for each axis [Detection unit]
1828 Positioning deviation limit for each axis in
movement [Detection unit]
Setting value =
Rapid traverse
60 PRM 1825
Detecting unit
PRM 1420
PRM 1825
1829 Positioning deviation limit for each axis in the
stopped state [Detection unit]
1830 Axis–by–axis positional deviation limit at
servo–off time [Detection unit]
PRM 1829
1832 Feed stop positioning deviation for each axis
[Detection unit]
1836 Servo error amount where reference position
return is possible [Detection unit]
1850 Grid shift for each axis [Detection unit] <Axis>
1851 Backlash compensating value for each axis
[Detection unit]
1855 Current limit override value for each axis <Axis>
1872 Servo position deviation check value <Axis>
1880 Abnormal load detection alarm timer [ms]

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