Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operation Maintenance Handbook

Number RemarksContents
3105 Parameters for data display
#0 DPF : Display of the actual speed on the current
position display screen, program check screen
and program screen(MDI mode)is, not
displayed (0)/displayed (1)
#1 PCF : The movement of the PMC controlled axes are
added to the actual speed display (0)/not
added (1)
#2 DPS : Actual spindle speed and T code are not
always displayed (0)/always displayed (1)
#7 SMF : During simplified synchronous control,
movement along a slave axis is included (0)/
not included (1) in the actual speed display.
3106 Operation history
#4 OPH : The operation history screen is not displayed
(0)/displayed (1).
#7 OHS : Operation history sampling is performed (0)/not
performed (1).
3107 Parameters for program display
#0 NAM : In the Program list, only program numbers are
indicated (0)/program numbers and program
names (1)
#2 DNC : Upon reset, the program display for DNC
operation is not cleared (0)/cleared (1)
#4 SOR : In the Display of the program directory,
programs are listed in the order of registration
(0)/in the order of program number (1)
#7 MDL : Display of the modal state on the program
display screen is, not displayed (0)/displayed
MDI mode
3108 Data display
#7 JSP : On the current position display screen and
program check screen, jog feed is not
displayed (0)/displayed (1)
3109 Parameter for display of tool offset
#2 IKY : On the tool compensation screen, the [INPUT]
soft key is displayed (0)/not displayed (1).
#3 SFM : The soft key [menu] for pattern data input
screen selection is displayed on the second
page (0)/first page (1) of the offset/setting
#5 RHD : When a manual handle interrupt is generated,
the relative position display is not updated (0)/
updated (1)

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