Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operation Maintenance Handbook

Number RemarksContents
3111 Parameter for CRT display
#0 SVS : The servo setting screen is displayed (0)/not
display (1)
#1 SPS : The spindle setting screen is not displayed (0)/
displayed (1)
#2 SVP : The synchronization errors displayed on the
spindle adjustment screen is the instant values
(0)/peak hold values (1)
#7 NPA : When an alarm is generated, the display shifts
to the alarm screen (0)/does not shift (1)
3112 Parameter for alarm and operation history
#3 EAH : As alarm history information, macro alarm and
external alarm messages are recorded (0)/not
recorded (1).
#5 OPH : The operation history log function is displayed
(0)/enable (1).
3115 Parameter for current position display <Axis>
#0 NDP : The current position for each axis is, displayed
(0)/not displayed (1)
#1 NDA : Absolute coordinates and relative coordinates
are displayed (0)/not displayed (only machine
coordinates being displayed) (1).
#3 NDF : To the actual speed display, axis movement
data is added (0)/not added (1)
3116 Memory card input/output screen
#0 MDP : The memory card input/output screen is not
displayed (0)/displayed (1) on the ALL I/O
#7 MDC: All maintenance information is not erased at a
time (0)/erased at a time (1) through soft key
operation on the maintenance information
3118 Actual spindle speed and maintenance
information display
#0 AS1 : When the actual spindle speeds (SACT) of the
spindle are displayed, each value is the value
calculated from the position coder (0)/the value
calculated from the spindle motor speed (1)
#3 MDC: All clear maintenance information by operating
soft key is disable (0)/enable (1)
3119 MDI panel
#6 TKY : Specifies which to use, the M series (0) / T
series (1), for MDIbased inputs.
3122 Time interval used to record time data in
operation history [Minute]
3131 Subscript for the name of each axis PMi–D

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