Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operation Maintenance Handbook

Number RemarksContents
3202 Parameter for program protect
#0 NE8 : Editing of programs with program numbers
8000 to 8999 are not inhibited (0)/inhibited (1)
#1 OLV : When a program other than the selected
program is deleted or output the display of the
selected program is not held (0)/held (1).
#2 CND : With the [ARRANGE] soft key, main program
arrangement is not performed (0)/performed
#3 OSR : In programming number search, when pressing
soft key [OSEARCH] without inputting
program number by key search the following
program number (0)/operation is invalid (1)
#4 NE9 : Editing of programs with program numbers
9000 to 9999 are not inhibited (0)/inhibited (1)
#5 CPD : When an NC program is deleted, a
confirmation message and confirmation soft
key are not output (0)/output (1)
#6 PSR : Search for the program number of a protected
program is disabled (0)/enabled (1)
3203 MDI operation
#5 MIE : During MDI operation, program editing is
enabled (0)/disabled (1).
#6 MER : When MDI operation is terminated in single
block mode, program deletion is not performed
(0)/performed (1).
#7 MCL : Whether a program coded in the MDI mode is
cleared by reset (0)/not cleared (1)
3204 MDI panel
#0 PAR : With the MDI panel, [,] is used without
modification (0)/used as (,) (1).
#2 EXK : The [CEXT] soft key is not used (0)/used (1)
#3 P8E : Editing of 80000000 to 89999999 is not
inhibited (0)/inhibited (1)
#4 P9E : Editing of 90000000 to 99999999 are not
inhibited (0)/inhibited (1)
#5 SPR : Program numbers in the 9000 range for
specific programs are not added (0)/added (1)
with 90000000
#6 MKP : When M02, M30, or EOR(%) is executed
during MDI operation, the created MDI program
is erased automatically (0)/not erased
automatically (1)
3205 Change function of the extended edit
#0 COL : Any colons (:) in the comments of the program
are converted to letter O (0)/displayed or
output as is (1)
#1 CHG : When the change function of the extended edit
function is used, the cursor is moved to the
target position after choosing (0)/before
choosing (1)

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