Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operation Maintenance Handbook

[Parameters for serial spindle (a series spindle amplifier)]
Contents Remarks
4000 Parameter of rotation direction of spindle
#0 ROTA1 : The spindle and the spindle motor rotate
to the same direction (0)/ to the opposite
direction each other (1)
#1 ROTA2 : The spindle rotate to CCW with
+command (0)/to CW (1)
#2 POSC1 : The spindle and the position coder rotate
the same direction (0)/ the opposite
direction each other (1)
#3 RETRN : The direction of return to reference
position is CCW (0)/ CW (1)
#5 DEFMOD : The differential speed function is not used
(0)/used (1)
#6 DEFDRT : The direction to which the differential
speed function is applied and the direction
specified in the feedback signal is the
same (0)/reversed (1)
spindle side
4001 Parameter for magnetic senser, position coder,
or MRDY signal
#0 MRDY1 : The MRDY signal is not used (0)/used (1)
#2 POSC2 : The position coder is not used (0)/used (1)
#3 MGSEN: The magnetic senser and the spindle rotate
to the same direction (0)/opposite direction
each other (1)

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