Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operation Maintenance Handbook

Number RemarksContents
4130 Constant for compensating for the phase of the
electromotive force at deceleration
4132 Conversation constant of the phase-V current
4133 Motor model code
[Parameter for low speed driving when the output switching function is used]
Contents Remarks
4136 Motor voltage during normal rotation [%]
4137 Motor voltage in the servo mode [%]
4138 Base speed of the motor output specifications
4139 Limit value of the motor output specifications
4140 Base speed [min
4141 Magnetic flux weakening start velocity [min
4142 Current loop proportional gain during normal
4143 Current loop integral gain during normal
4144 Zero speed of the current loop integral gain
4145 Velocity factor of the current loop proportional
gain [%]
4146 Current conversion constan
4147 Secondary current factor for activating current
4148 Current expectation constant
4149 Slip constant
4150 High speed rotation slip compensation constant
4151 Compensation constant for voltage applied to
motor in the dead zone [%]
4152 Electromotive force compensation constant [%]
4153 Electromotive force phase compensation
constant [%]
4154 Voltage factor of the electromotive force
compensation [%]
4155 Voltage compensation factor during
4156 Slip compensation gain
4157 Time constant for changing the torque [msec]
4158 Maximum output zero point [min

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