Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operation Maintenance Handbook

Number RemarksContents
4255 Slip correction gain
(for lowspeed characteristic)
4256 Base velocity of the motor output specifications
4257 Limit value for the motor output specifications
4258 Base speed
4259 Magnetic flux weakening start velocity
4260 Current loop proportional gain during normal
4261 Current loop integral gain during normal
4262 Zero point of current loop integral gain
4263 Velocity factor of current loop proportional gain
4264 Current conversion constant
4265 Secondary current factor for excitation current
4266 Current expectation constant
4267 Slip constant
4268 Compensation constant for highspeed rotation
4269 Compensation constant for voltage applied to
motor in the dead zone
4270 Electromotive force compensation constant
4271 Phase compensation constant of electromotive
4272 Compensation velocity factor for electromotive
4273 Time constant for changing the torque
4274 Displayed value of load meter for maximum
4275 Maximum output zero point
4276 Secondary current factor in rigid tapping
4277 Constant for compensating for the phase of
the electromotive force at deceleration
4278 Time constant of the speed detection filter
4279 Reserved
4280 Time constant of voltage filter for electromotive
force compensation
4281 Spindle load monitor torque constant (for
low–speed characteristic on the MAIN side)

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