Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

(Common to Power Mate i–D and –H)
This section describes elements of a program section. See II–11.1 for
program components other than program sections.
O0001 ;
N1 ;
M30 ;
Program section
Comment section
Program number
Sequence number
Program end
Fig.11.2 (a) Program configuration
A program number consisting of address O followed by a four–digit
number is assigned to each program at the beginning registered in
memory to identify the program. When the 8–digit program numbering
system is selected, however, an 8–digit program number is to be assigned.
(See Section 11.4 in Part II.)
In ISO code, the colon ( : ) can be used instead of O.
When no program number is specified at the start of a program, the
sequence number (N....) at the start of the program is regarded as its
program number. If a five–digit sequence number is used, the lower four
digits are registered as a program number. If the lower four digits are all
0, the program number registered immediately before added to 1 is
registered as a program number. Note, however, that N0 cannot be used
for a program number.
If there is no program number or sequence number at the start of a
program, a program number must be specified using the CRT/MDI panel
when the program is stored in memory (See Section V–8.4 or V–10.1.).
Program numbers 8000 to 9999 may be used by machine
tool builders, and the user may not be able to use these
Program number

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