Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

(Common to Power Mate i–D and –H)
Tool length offset B can be executed along two or more axes when the axes
are specified in two or more blocks.
Offset in X and Y axes.
G19 G43 H_ ; Offset in X axis
G18 G43 H_ ; Offset in Y axis
(Offsets in X and Y axes are performed)
If the bit 3 (TAL) of parameter No.5001 is set to 1, an alarm will not occur
even when tool length offset C is executed along two or more axes at the
same time.
To cancel tool length offset, specify G49 or H0. After G49 or H0 is
specified, the system immediately cancels the offset mode.
After tool length offset B is executed along two or more
axes, offset along all the axes is canceled by specifying
G49. If H0 is specified, only offset along an axis
perpendicular to the specified plane is canceled.
In the case of the offset in four axes or more, if the offset is
canceled by G49 code, the P/S alarm 015 is generated.
Cancel the offset by using G49 and H0.
Performing tool length
offset along two or more
Tool length offset cancel

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