Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

(Common to Power Mate i–D and –H)
1 Only an address number consisting of a multiple of 4 is
accessible in the PMC area. When this access function is
used, the four bytes from a specified address are accessed.
(When D0000 is specified, for example, D0000 to D0003
are accessed.)
2 Relationship between a variable and PMC area data
A system variable in this area consists of 32–bit data. When
the address numbers in the PMC data area matching a
variable are α, α+1, α+2, and α+3, the data structure in the
variable are as follows:
3 Data is handle as an integer value.
4 Incorrect data may be read if data being written with a ladder
program is read with an NC program, or if data being written
with an NC program is read with a ladder program. When
data is exchanged between a ladder program and NC
program, read/write timing must be set carefully.
5 The input range is –2147483648 to 2147483647.
Value of address α+3 Value of address α+2 Value of address α+1 Value of address α
31 23 15 7 0
Tool offset values can be read and written using system variables.
Variables #2001 to #2099 can also be used.
Table 13.2 (b) System variables for tool compensation memory
Compensation number System variable
Table 13.2 (c) System variable for macro alarms
#3000 When a value from 0 to 200 is assigned to variable #3000, the
CNC stops with an alarm. After an expression, an alarm mes-
sage not longer than 26 characters can be described. The
CRT screen displays alarm numbers by adding 3000 to the
value in variable #3000 along with an alarm message.
#3000=1(TOOL NOT FOUND);
The alarm screen displays “3001 TOOL NOT FOUND.”
Tool offset values
Macro alarms

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