Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

(Common to Power Mate i–D and –H)
G10L50; Parameter entry mode setting
N_R_; For parameters other than the axis type
N_P_R_; For axis type parameters
G11; Parameter entry mode cancel
N_: Parameter number (5–digit), or pitch error compensation number
+ 10000 (5–digit)
R_: Parameter setting value (Leading zeros can be omitted.)
P_: Axis No.1 to 8 (Specify for entering axis type parameters.)
Meaning of command
Do not use a decimal point in a value set in a parameter (R_).
a decimal point cannot be used in a custom macro variable for R_ either.
Specify an axis number (P_) from 1 to 8 (up to eight axes) for an axis type
parameter. The control axes are numbered in the order in which they are
displayed on the CNC display.
For example, specity P2 for the control axis which is displayed second.
1 Do not fail to perform reference point return manually after
changing pitch error data or backlash compensation data.
Without this, the machine position can deviate from the
correct position.
2 Be sure to cancel the canned cycle mode, Otherwise,
drilling operation may be performed.
Other NC statements cannot be specified while in
parameter input mode.
1. Set bit 2 (SPB) of bit type parameter SBP (No.3404#2)
G10L50 ; Parameter entry mode
N3404 R 00000100 ; SBP setting
G11 ; cancel parameter entry mode
2. Change the values for the X–axis and Y–axis in axis type parameter
No.1320 (the coordinates of stored stroke check 1 in the positive
direction for each axis).
G10L50 ; Parameter entry mode
N1320P1R4500 ; Modify X axis
N1320P2R12000 ; Modify Y axis
G11 ; cancel parameter entry mode
Parameter setting
value (R_)
Axis No.(P_)

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