Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

(For the Power Mate i–D/D2)
After positioning along the X–axis, rapid traverse is performed to point
Tapping is performed from point R to point Z. When tapping is
completed, a dwell is performed and the spindle is stopped. The spindle
is then rotated in the reverse direction, the tool is retracted to point R, then
the spindle is stopped. Rapid traverse to initial level is then performed.
While tapping is being performed, the feedrate override and spindle
override are assumed to be 100%.
Specify M29 S***** before a tapping command.
In feed–per–minute mode, the thread lead is obtained from the
expression, feedrate
spindle speed. In feed–per–revolution mode, the
thread lead equals the feedrate speed.
If a tool length offset (G43, G44, or G49) is specified in the canned cycle,
the offset is applied at the time of positioning to point R.
Before the drilling axis can be changed, the canned cycle must be
canceled. If the drilling axis is changed in rigid mode, alarm (No.206) is
If a speed higher than the maximum speed for the gear being used is
specified, alarm (No.200) is issued.
If a value exceeding the upper limit of cutting feedrate is specified, alarm
(No.011) is issued.
If an S command and axis movement are specified between M29 and G84,
alarm (No.203) is issued. If M29 is specified in a tapping cycle, alarm
(No.204) is issued.
Specify R in a block that performs drilling. If R is specified in a
non–drilling block, it is not stored as modal data.
Do not specify a group 01 G code (G00 to G03) and G84 in the same block.
If they are specified together, G84 is canceled.
In the canned cycle mode, tool offsets are ignored.
Z–axis feedrate 1000 mm/min
Spindle speed 1000 min
Thread lead 1.0 mm
G00 X120.0 ; Positioning
M29 S1000 ; Rigid mode specification
G84 Z–100.0 R–20.0 F1000 ; Rigid tapping
Rigid mode
Thread lead
Axis switching
S command
F command
Tool offset

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