Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

(Power Mate i–H)
Based on cam figure data, tracing axes move in phase with the operation
of the cam shaft.
G05 P23001 L_;
L_: Specify the number of executions (1 to 99999999). One rotation
of the cam shaft in the forward direction from an electronic cam
operation start position is counted as +1, and one rotation of the
cam shaft in the reverse direction is counted as –1. When a (L
count is reached, the operation stops. When 0 is specified, a
continuous operation is performed.
Set the tracing axis selection signal ELCAM* (G238) to 1 for a tracing
axis to be engaged in electronic cam operation, then execute the program.
This causes the electronic cam operation execution signal ECMEXE
(F244#0) to be set to 1. Upon this setting, turn the cam shaft.
Then, based on the cam figure data, the tracing axis moves in phase with
the operation of the cam shaft. After start of execution, cam shaft
operation stops when the shaft has turned as many times as the number
of executions specified in L, or the electronic cam function end signal
ECMEND (G239#1) is switched from 0 to 1. A calculation is made from
the preceding and following data so that a smooth operation is performed
between absolute positions on the tracing axis given by the cam figure
data, and thus no shock is applied to the machine.
Even if the speed of the cam shaft changes, the speed of the tracing axis
changes in phase with the cam shaft, so that the synchronous relationship
is maintained.
The cam shaft may be turned clockwise or counterclockwise. A tracing
axis also turns in the same direction in phase with the cam shaft.
If a reset or emergency stop is applied during execution, perform phase
matching and then restart operation again.
During electronic cam operation, interlock (high speed, all
axes, each axis, axis direction) is disabled for a tracing axis.

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