Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

(Power Mate i–H)
DM00, DM01, DM02, and DM30 are not output. If M00, M01,
M02, or M30 is specified, only the same code as the ordinary M
code is output.
By setting bit 7 of parameter No. 3001 to 1, interaction between the
M code strobe and completion signal can be speeded up.
When specifying the value of Q specified for inter–path waiting,
use the decimal point, regardless of the setting of bit 0 of parameter
No. 3401 (pocket calculator type decimal point programming).
No subprogram can be called with an M code.
Even if a minus value is set as an M code, no alarm is issued. The
least significant byte is output.
3 Custom macro
A custom macro allows variable reference only. No other usage is
Example: The following specification is allowed:
G01 X#500 Y(#501/1000–100)
4 G00 Rapid traverse
The rapid traverse overlap function is disabled.
The function for stopping with a cutting feedrate override of 0% by
setting bit 4 of parameter No. 1401 to 1 is disabled.
The one–percent–step rapid traverse override function is disabled.
5 G01 Cutting feed
Parameter No. 1411 (cutting feedrate at power–up) is disabled. Be
sure to specify a feedrate with F code. If G01 is specified without
specifying F even once, alarm 5162 is issued.
The cutting mode signal is not output.
The block overlap function is disabled.
Maximum axis–by–axis feedrate specification (parameter No.
1430) is disabled.
6 G04 Dwell
When specifying a G04 dwell time, be sure to specify address P.
The dwell skip function cannot be used.
7 G90·G91
G90 and G91 must not be specified in the same block. If G90 and
G91 are specified in the same block, the G code whichever is
specified later is used.
8 Modal G code
At power–up time, no modal G code can be set using a parameter.
After exiting from the multipath mode, modal information is
cleared. Necessary G codes need to be specified when the next
multipath mode operation starts.
The modal G code specification for the setting of bit 6 of parameter
No. 3402 (for setting NC reset state (0)/clear state (1) upon reset)
is not supported.
9 T functions
The T functions cannot be used.
10 Single block
If the single block signal is set, the next start operation is not
accepted until all paths are placed in the single block stop state.

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