Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

(Power Mate i–H)
11 In the multipath mode, the following functions are disabled:
Dry run function G21 Input in mm
Manual intervention in single block operation
G27 Reference position return check
Variable in–position function
G29 Return from the reference position
Feed stop function G30 2nd/3rd reference position return
Mirror image function G31 Skip
Interlock in each axis G43 Tool length compensation +
Acceleration/deceleration signal (SUPn)
G44 Tool length compensation –
G10 Data setting G49 Tool length compensation cancel
G11 Data setting mode cancel
G93 Rate function
G20 Input in inch Speed swithing
G95 Feed per revolution
Acceleration/deceleration before interpolation
PMC axis control from macro executor
It is impossible to search for and start from a midway point in a
multipath program.
This example assigns the X– and Y–axes to path 1, the A– and B–axes to
path 2, and the U– and V–axes to path 3.
O0001 ; Normal mode
G90 G00 X0 Y0 A0 ;
B0 U0 V0 ;
G130 P1 XI Y1 ; Define X– and Y–axes as path 1.
G00 X100. Y100. ;
G01 X150. Y150. F100; Path 1 program
G130 P2 A1 B1 ; Define A– and B–axes as path 2.
G00 A–100. B–100. ;
G01 A–200. B–200. F150 ; Path 2 program
G130 P3 U1 V1 ; Define U– and V–axes as path 3.
G00 U123. V456. ;
G01 U234. V567. F789 ; Path 3 program
G130 P0 ; Turn off the multipath control mode.
Normal mode
M02 ;
Turn on the
control mode

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