Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

(Power Mate i–H)
The multipath mode can be used only during memory operation. It cannot
be specified during other types of operation.
If the G130 code (G code to select the multipath mode) is specified during
the normal mode, it causes the machine to shift to the multipath mode.
In the multipath mode, a path–specific program runs independently of,
but simultaneously with another path–specific program. If a
path–specific program ends execution of a block, it moves to the next
block regardless of whether another path–specific program completes a
block that it is running.
An inter–path wait function is available, which enables starting the
operation of a path in synchronization with that of another path. When
this function is specified, a specified block is interrupted and kept in a wait
state. When a wait command with the same ID No. is encountered in all
specified paths, the wait condition is met and the interrupted execution is
During the multipath mode, when a certain path–specific program is
finished, the path is placed and kept in a wait state until other
path–specific programs are finished. When all specified paths complete
their programs, the Power Mate i–H exits the multipath mode and returns
to the normal mode.
A series of multipath mode operations can be specified between G130P1
and G130P0. This specification can be included any number of times in
one program. A combination of axes for each path can be changed at each
A in–position check is performed each time the multipath
mode function is turned on and off.
Operation during the
multipath mode

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