Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

(Power Mate i–H)
1) Absolute command
G90 G135.1 IP_ F_ ;
IP_ : Specifies a stop position on a continuous feed axis as an
absolute coordinate value.
F_: Specifies a feedrate for continuous feed (mm/min).
By setting the signal +Jn/–Jn to 1 during execution of a G135.1 block,
the tool can be continuously moved on a selected axis in a selected
direction. By setting the signal +Jn/–Jn to 0 during movement, the tool
can be gradually stopped at a specified position on a specified axis.
After a gradual stop, the block following the G135.1 block is executed.
1 Use this command only for a rotation axis for which the
rollover function is enabled.
2 In a block specifying G135.1, only one axis can be specified.
3 G135.1 is a one–shot G code.
4 Even if +Jn/–Jn is set to 1 for an axis not specified, the tool
does not move on the axis.
5 The move direction is determined by the sign of the feed
axis direction selection signal.
6 A G135.1 block causes the tool to gradually stop at all times.
7 The type and time constant of acceleration/deceleration are
the same as for cutting feed.
8 For overriding, the jog override signals *JV0 to *JV15 are
enabled. Moreover, a fixed override value of 100% can be
specified using the override cancel signal HOVCn. (The
override cancel signal OVC cannot be used.)
9 A feedrate exceeding the rapid traverse rate specified in
parameter No. 1420 cannot be specified. If a feedrate
exceeding the rapid traverse rate specified in parameter No.
1420 is specified, the feedrate is clamped to the rapid
traverse rate.
10 Ensure that the feed axis direction selection signal for the
direction in which the tool is not moved is set to 0 before
execution of G135.1. If the + direction selection signal and
the – direction selection signal are set to 1 simultaneously
during execution of G135.1, an alarm is issued.
If the distance traveled when the feed axis direction
selection signal is set to 0 is not greater than distance L, the
tool may stop after making one turn on the rotation axis.
L=F* (12+2*m+n+(t
F: Feedrate (mm/min)
m: Ladder scan time (msec)
n: DI receiver delay (msec)
L: Distance (mm)
: Acceleration/deceleration time constant (msec)
: Servo time constant (msec) (1/loop gain)

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