Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

(Power Mate i–H)
1 The usable PMC data range varies from one PMC model to
2 Do not perform bit–specified access for any variable other
than listed above. Otherwise, compiler error 0125 occurs.
3 The bit specification value of the variables listed above is
referenced when a motion program is executed. As for the
timing when data can be changed on the PMC ladder side,
read the following warning.
4 Do not issue a command for assigning a bit specification
number to the following system variables. Otherwise,
compile error 0116 occurs on the command.
#1050000 to #1050127: External I/O (X0 to X0127)
#1051000 to #1051004 and #1051007: Built–in I/O
(X1000 to X1007)
#1060000 to #1060127: External I/O (Y0000 to Y0127)
#1500000 to #1500511: PMC F address (F0 to F511)
5 Be careful not to perform a PMC ladder–triggered write and
a variable–triggered write to the PMC data area
simultaneously (double writing).
Listed below are the operation commands for which the system variables
are usable.
(i, j, k: System variables (including bit specification). n: 0 or 1)
Function Format
Definition #i=#j, #i=n
Logical OR #i=#j OR #k, #i=#j OR n
Exclusive OR #i=#j XOR #k, #i=#j XOR n
Logical AND #i=#j AND #k, #i=#j AND n
1 The bit specification–type system variable shall take either
0 or 1. Any value other than 0 is assumed as 1.
2 No system variable is usable for any command other than
listed above. If an attempt is made to use a bit
specification–type system variable with any command other
than listed above, compiler error 1065 occurs.
Operation commands

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