Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

(Power Mate i–H)
The travel distance of the parent axis cannot be set to 0, but
that of the local axis can be set to 0.
In this case, the local axis stops while the parent axis is
Specify IS–B. (Bits 0 and 1 of parameter No. 1004 = 0)
Inch/metric conversion is disabled. (Bit 2 of parameter No.
0000 = 0)
The specification of F10 is not allowed. (Bit 3 of parameter
No. 8002 = 0)
Do not apply acceleration/deceleration to the local axis
(synchronous axis). If acceleration/deceleration is applied
to the local axis, the local axis lags behind the parent axis.
If another move command is specified in the
synchronization mode, a movement is made along an
unusual path or with unusual timing.
During synchronous operation, do not apply
acceleration/deceleration to the child axis and lower–level
axes (non–parent axes). Otherwise, those axes do not
trace the parent axis correctly.
If a synchronization command is specified in a small block,
the child axis may lag behind the parent axis. In such a
case, increase the travel distance of one block.
Notes on start point synchronous operation are provided below.
Be sure to set a value in parameter No. 1260 (rollover
Enable the rollover function. (Bit 0 (ROA) of parameter No.
1008 = 1)
Specify a rotation axis as the parent axis. (Bit 0 (ROT) of
parameter No. 1006 = 1, Bit 1 (ROS) of parameter No. 1006
= 0)
In the synchronization mode, the following functions cannot be used:
Linear interpolation
Circular interpolation
Advanced preview feed–forward function
Skip function
Rate feed
Multipath function
Wait function
Compensation function
Mirror image
Manual absolute

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