Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

This part explains typical operating procedures for the CNC and machines
incorporating it.
The CNC and machine operators should read this part.
Power Mate i–D2
1. Overview
The Power Mate i–D2 has a two–path control capability. With
two–path control, a single CNC works equivalently to two one–axis
CNCs operating simultaneously. For input/output signals with the
PMC, the CNC also has two paths, each for one axis separately, thus
making it possible for each path to perform a totally different
machining operation.
2. Programing
The Power Mate i–D2 can be programmed for each path in the same
manner as the Power Mate i–D. Each path has a separate memory area
for part programs, parameters, and offset data.
3. Displaying and setting data
With the Power Mate i–D2, you can display and set data for each path
in the same way as with the Power Mate i–D. Either signals supplied
to the NC from the PMC or key operations are used to select the path
for which data is displayed and set. It is possible to indicate the path
to which the current display belongs at the bottom right corner on the
Also a parameter is available which specifies that a subscript attached
to the display of an axis be used to distinguish the path to which the
current display belongs.

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