Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

Diagnostic numbers 000 to 015 indicate states when a command is being
specified but appears as if it were not being executed. The table below
lists the internal states when 1 is displayed at the right end of each line on
the screen.
Table 7.3 (a) Alarm displays when a command is specified but appears as if it were not being executed
Display Internal status when 1 is displayed
000 WAITING FOR FIN SIGNAL M, S, T function being executed
001 MOTION Move command in automatic operation being executed
002 DWELL Dwell being executed
003 IN–POSITION CHECK In–position check being executed
004 FEEDRATE OVERRIDE 0% Cutting feed override 0%
006 SPINDLE SPEED ARRIVAL CHECK Waiting for spindle speed arrival signal to turn on
007 WAITING FOR CHASER OPEN OR CLOSE Waiting for the chaser tool to be opened or closed
010 PUNCHING Data being output via reader puncher interface
011 READING Data being input via reader puncher interface
013 JOG FEEDRATE OVERRIDE 0% Jog override 0%
014 WAITING FOR RESET.ESP.RRW.OFF Emergency stop, external reset, reset & rewind, or MDI
panel reset key on
015 EXTERNAL PROGRAM NUMBER SEARCH External program number searching
Table 7.3 (b) Alarm displays when an automatic operation is stopped or paused.
Display Internal status when 1 is displayed
020 CUT SPEED UP/DOWN Set when emergency stop turns on or when servo
alarm occurs
021 RESET BUTTON ON Set when reset key turns on
022 RESET AND REWIND ON Reset and rewind turned on
023 EMERGENCY STOP ON Set when emergency stop turns on
024 RESET ON Set when external reset, emergency stop, reset, or re-
set & rewind key turns on
025 STOP MOTION OR DWELL A flag which stops pulse distribution. It is set in the
following cases.
(1)External reset turned on.
(2)Reset & rewind turned on.
(3)Emergency stop turned on.
(4)Feed hold turned on.
(5)The MDI panel reset key turned on.
(6)Switched to the manual mode(JOG/STEP).
(7)Other alarm occurred.
(There is also alarm which is not set.)

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