Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

The floppy is provided with the write protect switch. Set the switch to the
write enable state. Then, start output operation.
(2) Write–enabled (Reading, writ-
ing, and deletion are possible.)
Write protect switch of a cassette
(1) Write–protected
(Only reading is
Fig.8.1 Protect swtich
Once written in the cassette data can subsequently be read out by
correspondence between the data contents and file numbers. This
correspondence cannot be verified, unless the data contents and file
numbers are output to the CNC and displayed. The data contents can be
displayed with display function for directory of floppy disk (See IV–8.8).
To display the contents,write the file numbers and the contents on the
memo column which is the back of floppy.
(Entry example on MEMO)
File 1 CNC parameters
File 2 Offset data
File 3 CNC program O0100
File (n–1) CNC program O0500
File n CNC program O0600
Protect switch
Writing memo

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