Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

In the above example, all lines of program O5678 are appended to the end
of program O1234. In this case, program number O5678 is not registered.
When inputting a program to be appended to a registered program, press
the [READ] soft key without specifying a program number in step 8
(CRT/MDI). Then, press the [CHAIN] and [EXEC] soft keys.
In entire program input, all lines of a program are appended, except
for its O number.
When canceling additional input mode, press the reset key or the
[CAN] or [STOP] soft key.
Pressing the [CHAIN] soft key positions the cursor to the end of the
registered program. Once a program has been input, the cursor is
positioned to the start of the new program.
Additional input is possible only when a program has already been
If an attempt has been made to register a program having the same number
as that of a previously registered program, P/S alarm 073 is issued and the
program cannot be registered.
No. Description
70 The size of memory is not sufficient to store the input programs
An attempt was made to store a program with an existing pro-
gram number.
The verification operation found a mismatch between a program
loaded into memory and the contents of the program on the
floppy or NC tape.
Defining the same
program number as that
of an existing program

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