Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

When output is conducted to the floppy, the program is output as the new
file after the files existing in the floppy. New files are to be written from
the beginning with making the old files invalid, use the above output
operation after the N0 head searching.
When P/S alarm 86 occurs during program output, the floppy is restored
to the condition before the output.
When program output is conducted after N1 to N9999 head searching, the
new file is output as the designated n–th position. In this case, 1 to n–1
files are effective, but the files after the old n–th one are deleted. If an
alarm occurs during output, only the 1 to n–1 files are restored.
To efficiently use the memory in the cassette or card, output the program
by setting parameter NFD (No.0101#7, No.0111#7 or No.0121#7) to 1.
This parameter makes the feed is not output, utilizing the memory
Head searching with a file No. is necessary when a file output from the
CNC to the floppy is again input to the CNC memory or compared with
the content of the CNC memory. Therefore, immediately after a file is
output from the controller to the floppy, record the file No. on the memo.
Punch operation can be performed in the same way as in the foreground.
This function alone can punch out a program selected for foreground
<O> (Program No.) [PUNCH] [EXEC]: Punches out a specified program.
<O> “–9999” [PUNCH] [EXEC]: Punches out all programs.
<O> (Program No.)
: Punches out a specified program.
<O> –9999
: Punches out all programs.
A program is output to paper tape in the following format:
Feed of 3 feet
Feed of 3 feet
If three–feet feeding is too long, press the
key during feed punching
to cancel the subsequent feed punching.
A space code for TV check is automatically punched.
(Output to a floppy)
File output location
An alarm while a
program is output
Outputting a program
after file heading
Efficient use of memory
On the memo record
Punching programs in
the background
Procedure (CRT/MDI)
Procedure (DPL/MDI)
(Output to an NC tape)
TV check

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