Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

Code Meaning
102 The memory card does not have sufficient free space.
105 No memory card is mounted.
106 A memory card is already mounted.
110 The specified directory cannot be found.
111 There are too many files under the root directory to allow a
directory to be added.
114 The specified file cannot be found.
115 The specified file is protected.
117 The file has not yet been opened.
118 The file is already open.
119 The file is locked.
121 The program does not end with %.
122 The specified file name is invalid.
124 The extension of the specified file is invalid.
129 A non–corresponding function was specified.
130 The specification of a device is invalid.
131 The specification of a pathname is invalid.
133 Multiple files are open at the same time.
135 The device is not formatted.
140 The file has the read/write disabled attribute.
The size of the memory card to be used must be larger than that of the
RAM module mounted in the CNC. The size of the RAM module can be
determined from the system configuration screen.
Use a memory card that conforms to PCMCIA Ver. 2.0, or JEIDA Ver. 4.1.
A memory card which has no attribute memory, or no device information
in its attribute memory, cannot be used.
Data saved to a memory card is compatible only with CNCs that have the
same hardware configuration and the same option configuration.
During automatic operation, the contents of a memory card cannot be
displayed, formatted, or deleted. To enable these operations, therefore,
stop or suspend automatic operation.
File system error codes
Memory card size
Memory card
Attribute memory
Compatibility of saved
Operation during
automatic operation

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