Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

5 Key in a sequence number to be searched for.
6 Press the CURSOR
7 Upon completion of search operation, the sequence number searched
for is displayed in the DPL screen.
Those blocks that are skipped do not affect the CNC. This means that the
data in the skipped blocks such as coordinates and M, S and T codes does
not alter the CNC coordinates and modal values.
So, in the first block where execution is to be started or restarted by using
a sequence number search command, be sure to enter required M, S, and
T code and coordinates. A block searched for by sequence number search
usually represents a point of shifting from one process to another. When
a block in the middle of a process must be searched for to restart execution
at the block, specify M S, and T codes, G codes, coordinates, and so forth
as required from the MDI after closely checking the machine tool and
status of the CNC at that point.
During search operation, the following checks are made:
Optional block skip
During sequence number search operation, M98Pxxxx (subprogram call)
is not executed. So an P/S alarm (No.060) is raised if an attempt is made
to search for a sequence number in a subprogram called by the program
currently selected.
M98 P5678 ;
Main program Subprogram
M99 ;
If an attempt is made to search for N8888 in the example above, an alarm is raised.
Number Contents
60 Command sequence number was not found in the sequence
number search.
Operation during search
Checking during search
Searching in

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