Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

Functions Tape formatIllustration
Multi path control (G130)
O001; 1–path mode
G90 X0 Y0 Z0;
B0 U0 V0; Multi path control on
G130 P1 X1 Y1;
G00 X100.Y100.;
G01 X150.Y150.F100;
G130 P2 A1 B1;
G00 A–100.B–100.;
G130 P0; Multi path control off
1–path mode
Defines X and
Y of the first path.
Program of the
first path
Defines A and B
of the second path.
Program of the
second path
Defines U and
V of the third path.
Program of the
third path
G130 Pn α1β1···;
(n=1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8):Turns on path
control on the n–th path.
(α, β, ···): Specifies the axes that be-
long to each path.
G130 P0; Multi path control off
High–speed response function contin-
uous feed
During execution of a G135.1 block,
the tool can be moved continuously in
the selected direction on the axis se-
lected by setting the +Jn/–Jn signal to
1. By setting the +Jn/–Jn signal to 0
during movement, the tool can be
gradually stopped on the selected
axis. The tool stops at the specified
coordinates in the case of an absolute
command or at the position reached
by moving by a distance equal to a
specified value after the signal is set to
0 in the case of an incremental com-
mand. After a gradual stop, the block
after G135.1 is executed.
G135.1 IP_ F_ ;
IP_ : Specify a stop position on a con-
tinuous feed axis with an absolute
F_ : Specify a feedrate for continuous
feed (mm/min).
Phase matching of the electronic cam
function (G140)
This function matches the phase be-
tween the cam shaft and tracing axis
by moving the tracing axis to the posi-
tion corresponding to the phase of the
cam shaft at the start position of elec-
tronic cam operation.
G140 IP_ ;
IP_ : Specify a tracing axis whose
phase is to be matched. Specify
O after a tracing axis name.

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