Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

Deleting More Than One Program by Specifying a
Range, 479
Deleting Multiple Blocks, 472
Deleting One Program, 478
Deleting Programs, 478
Details of Functions, 145
Display, 307
Display of Run Time and Parts Count, 521
Display Panel, 312
Display Unit Sharing Function, 558
Displaying and Entering Setting Data, 535
Displaying and Setting Custom Macro Common
Variables, 541
Displaying and Setting Data, 304
Displaying and Setting Parameters, 548
Displaying and Setting Pitch Error Compensation
Data, 552
Displaying and Setting PMC Data in Diagnosis Screen
(DPL/MDI), 387
Displaying and Setting Run Time, Parts Count and
Time, 538
Displaying and Setting the Software Operators Panel,
Displaying Directory of Floppy Disk, 414
Displaying Memory Used and a List of Programs, 528
Displaying Pattern Data and Pattern Menu, 543
Displaying the Directory, 415
Displaying the Pattern Menu, 152
Displaying the Program Number and Sequence
Number, 554
Displaying the Program Number, Sequence Number,
and Status, and Warning Messages for Data Setting
or Input/Output Operation, 554
Displaying the Status and Warning for Data Setting or
Input/Output Operation, 555
DNC Operation (Unavailable to the Power Mate
i–D2), 363
DPL/MDI Panel, 315
Drilling Cycle, Counter Boring Cycle (G82), 190
Drilling Cycle, Spot Drilling (G81), 188
Dry Run, 373
Dwell (G04), 60
Editing a Part Program, 303
Editing of Custom Macros, 488
Editing Programs, 457
Electronic Cam Function, 217
Electronic Cam Operation (G05), 219
Emergency Stop, 377
Exact Stop (G09, G61) Cutting Mode (G64), 59
Extended Part Program Editing Function, 480
External I/O Devices, 338
External Output Commands, 139
FANUC Floppy Cassette, 340
FANUC Handy File, 340
Feed Functions, 53
Feed–Feed Function, 13
Feedrate Override, 371
File Deletion, 395
File Search, 393
Files, 391
Fine Boring Cycle (G76), 186
Function Keys, 322
Function Keys and Soft Keys, 321
Function to Simplify Programming, 178
G Codes Usable in the High–Speed Response Mode,
G00 (Positioning), 248
G01 (Linear Interpolation), 248
G04 (Dwell), 249
G135.1 (Continuous Feed), 254
G135.3 (Motion Command with Acceleration/
deceleration Time Constant), 262
G28 (Reference Position Return), 249
G28 and G30 Commands in Tool Length Offset Mode,
G31 (Skip Function), 250
G90, G91 (Absolute Command and Incremental
Command), 254
G92 (Workpiece Coordinate System Setting), 254
General Procedure for Operating Machine Equipped
with CNC, 7
General Screen Operations, 321
Handy Operators Panel, 317

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