Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

Heading a Program, 463
Help Function, 561
High–Speed Cutting Functions, 169
High–speed Peck Drilling Cycle (G73), 182
High–Speed Response Function, 234
High–Speed Skip Function, 46
How to Give a Command, 267
How to Indicate Command Dimensions for Moving
the Tool – Absolute, Incremental Commands, 18
How to View the Position Display Change without
Running the Machine, 302
Inch/Metric Conversion (G20, G21), 73
Increment System, 30
Incremental Feed, 349
Inputting a Program, 396
Inputting and Outputting Floppy Files, 433
Inputting and Outputting Offset Data, 430
Inputting and Outputting Parameters, 428
Inputting and Outputting Parameters and Pitch Error
Compensation Data, 404
Inputting and Outputting Programs, 423
Inputting Custom Macro Common Variables, 411
Inputting Offset Data, 402
Inputting Parameters, 404
Inputting Pitch Error Compensation Data, 408
Inputting/Outputting Custom Macro Common
Variables, 411
Inserting a Word, 464
Inserting Altering and Deleting a Word, 458
Interpolation Functions, 34
Interruption Type Custom Macro, 143
Jog Feed, 347
Key Input and Input Buffer, 336
Left–handed Rigid Tapping Cycle (G74), 208
Left–handed Tapping Cycle (G74), 184
Limitations, 138, 279
Linear Interpolation (G01), 37
List of Functions and Tape Format, 580
List of Operation, 620
Local Variables, 276
Machine Coordinate System, 68
Machine Lock and Auxiliary Function Lock, 370
Macro Call, 125
Macro Call Using an M Code, 131
Macro Call Using G Code, 130
Macro statement, 272
Macro Statements and NC Statements, 121
Manual Absolute On and Off, 352
Manual Handle Feed, 350
Manual Handle Interruption (Unavailable to the
Power Mate i–D2), 365
Manual Operation, 296, 344
Manual Reference Position Return, 345
Maximum Stroke, 30
MDI Operation, 359
Mechanical Synchronization Control Command
(G145), 288
Memory Card Output, 438
Merging a Program, 484
Mirror Image, 367
Modal Call (G66), 128
Moving Part of a Program, 483
Multiaxis Synchronization Function, 286
Multipath Control, 221
Multiple M Commands in a Single Block, 79
Multistage Skip (G31), 45
Next Block Display Screen, 524
Nomographs, 588
Notes On Reading this Manual, 8
Number of Blocks, 278

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