Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

Offset Data Input and Output, 402
Operational Devices, 311
Outline, 267, 558
Outputting a Program, 399
Outputting Custom Macro Common Variable, 412
Outputting Custom Macro Common Variables, 432
Outputting Offset Data, 403
Outputting Parameters, 406
Outputting Pitch Error Compensation Data, 410
Outputting Programs, 418
Over Travel Amount Specified Type Skip Function
(for the Power Mate i–H), 47
Overall Position Display, 518
Part Drawing and Tool Movement, 14
Parts Count Display, Run Time Display, 309
Pattern Data Display, 156
Pattern Data Input Function, 151
Peck Drilling Cycle (G83), 192
Peck Rigid Tapping Cycle (G84 or G74), 210
Phase Matching (G140), 218
Plane Selection, 70
Polar Coordinate Interpolation (G12.1, G13.1)
(Unavailable to the Power Mate i–D2), 49
Position Display in the Relative Coordinate System,
Position Display in the Workpiece Coordinate System,
Positioning (G00), 35
Power Disconnection, 343
Power On/Off, 341
Preparatory Function (G Function), 31
Processing Macro Statements, 136
Program Check Screen, 525
Program Components other then Program Sections, 82
Program Configuration, 22, 80
Program Contents Display, 522
Program Display, 307
Program Input/Output, 396
Program Number Search, 474
Program Screen for MDI Operation, 527
Program Section Configuration, 85
Programmable Parameter Entry (G10), 161
Radius Direction Error at Circle Cutting, 592
Range of Command Value, 586
Rapid Traverse, 56
Rapid Traverse Override, 372
Rate Function (G93), 61
Rate–feed Function, 258
Reading Files, 417
Reference Position, 62
Reference Position (Machine–Specific Position), 14
Referring to Variables, 275
Registering Custom Macro Programs, 137
Repetition (WHILE Statement), 123
Replacement of Words and Addresses, 486
Restricted Items for Handy Operators Panel, 320
Rigid Tapping, 206
Rigid Tapping (G84), 206
Rigid Threading Cycle Supporting a Chaser Tool
(G78, G79), 212
Rotary Axis Roll–Over, 164
Safety Functions, 376
Sample Program, 134
Screen Displayed at Power–on, 342
Screens Displayed by Function Key
, 531
Screens Displayed by Function Key
, 512
Screens Displayed by Function Key
(In AUTO Mode or MDI Mode), 522
Screens Displayed by Function Key
(In the EDIT Mode), 528
Screens Displayed by Function Key
, 547
Selecting a Workpiece Coordinate System, 69
Selection of Tool Used for Various Machining Tool
Function, 20
Sequence Number Search, 476
Setting a Workpiece Coordinate System, 69

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