Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

Setting and Displaying Data, 505
Setting and Displaying the Tool Offset Value, 532
Setting Input/Output–Related Parameters, 422
Shared Screen, 559
Simple Call (G65), 125
Simple Synchronous Control (Invalidity for the Power
Mate i–D), 165
Single Block, 374
Skip Function (G31), 43
Soft Keys, 323
Specification Method, 144
Specifying the Spindle Speed Value Directly
(S5–Digit Command), 174
Specifying the Spindle Speed with a Binary Code, 174
Spindle Speed Function (S Function), 173
Start Point Synchronization Command (G146), 289
Status when Turning Power On, when Clear and when
Reset, 593
Stroke Check, 378
Sub–Program Call for High–Speed Response
Function, 267
Subprogram, 91
Subprogram Call Using an M Code, 132
Subprogram Calls Using a T Code, 133
Subprogram Numbers, Macro Instructions and System
Variables in the Pattern Data Input Function, 160
Supplementary Explanation for Copying, Moving and
Merging, 485
System Variables, 107, 276
Tandem Control (Invalidity for the Power Mate i–D),
Tape Code List, 577
Tapping Cycle (G84), 194
Test Operation, 369
Testing a Program, 301
Tool Compensation Values, Number of Compensation
Values and Entering Values from the Program
(G10), 102
Tool Figure and Tool Motion by Program, 25
Tool Function (T Function), 75
Tool Length Measurement, 533
Tool Length Offset (G43, G44, G49), 97
Tool Movement Along Workpiece Parts Figure–
Interpolation, 12
Tool Movement by Programming – Automatic
Operation, 298
Tool Movement Range – Stroke, 26
Tool Path at Corner, 589
Tool Selection Function, 76
Touch Panel LCD (Virtual MDI), 320
Turning on the Power, 341
Types of Wait Functions, 229
Unconditional Branch (GOTO Statement), 122
Variables, 104
Wait by the PMC Signal Condition, 233
Wait Function, 228
Warning Messages, 337
Word Search, 459
Workpiece Coordinate System, 69

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