Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operator Manual

(Common to Power Mate i–D and –H)
In general, only one M code can be specified in a block. However, up to
three or five M codes for Power Mate i–D/D2 or Power Mate i–H can be
specified at once in a block by setting bit 7 (M3B) of parameter No.3404
to 1. Up to three or five M codes for Power Mate i–D/D2 or Power Mate
i–H specified in a block are simultaneously output to the machine. This
means that compared with the conventional method of a single M
command in a single block, a shorter cycle time can be realized in
CNC allows up to three or five M codes to be specified in one block.
However, some M codes cannot be specified at the same time due to
mechanical operation restrictions. For detailed information about the
mechanical operation restrictions on simultaneous specification of
multiple M codes in one block, refer to the manual of each machine tool
M00, M01, M02, M30, M98, or M99, must not be specified together with
another M code.
Some M codes other than M00, M01, M02, M30, M98, and M99 cannot
be specified together with other M codes; each of those M codes must be
specified in a single block.
Such M codes include these which direct the CNC to perform internal
operations in addition to sending the M codes themselves to the machine.
To be specified, such M codes are M codes for calling program numbers
9001 to 9009 and M codes for disabling advance reading (buffering) of
subsequent blocks. Meanwhile, multiple of M codes that direct the CNC
only to send the M codes themselves (without performing internal
operations ) can be specified in a single block.
For the first M code, a number as long as eight digits may be specified.
For each of the second through fifth M codes, a number not exceeding
65535 may be specified. When modal data is read with the PMC window
function, the first through third M codes can be read, but the fourth and
fifth M codes cannot be read.
One M command in a single block
Multiple M commandsin a single
block (for Power Mate i–H)
M40 ;
M50 ;
M60 ;
G28G91X0Y0Z0 ;
M40M50M60M70M80 ;
G28G91X0Y0Z0 ;

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