D The CRT screen can be distorted by magnetic interference.
Arranging magnetic sources must be done with care.
If magnetic sources (such as transformers, fan motors,
electromagnetic contactors, solenoids, and relays) are located near the
CRT display, they frequently distort the display screen. To prevent
this, the CRT display and the magnetic sources generally must be kept
300 mm apart. If the CRT display and the magnetic sources are not
300 mm apart, the screen distortion may be suppressed by changing
the direction in which the magnetic sources are installed.
The magnetic intensity is not constant, and it is often increased by
magnetic interference from multiple magnetic sources interacting
with each other. As a result, simply keeping the CRT and the magnetic
sources 300 mm apart may not be enough to prevent the distortion.
If they cannot be kept apart, or if the CRT screen remains distorted
despite the distance, cover the screen with a magnetic shield.
D The installation conditions of the I/O unit, connector panel I/O
module, and FSSB I/O module must be satisfied.
To provide ventilation for the units, leave a space of 100 mm or greater
for wiring and ventilation both above and below the I/O module for
local lines, I/O unit, and FSSB I/O module.
Equipment radiating too much heat must not be put below these units.
D A control unit must be carefully isolated against vibration.
The CNC control unit itself may resonate at certain frequencies.
Perform a thorough check after mounting the CNC control unit on the
D To ensure conformity to the EMC command, refer to Conforming to
the EMC Command (A72937).

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