Details of power cable J168
See Subsection 8.6.4.
Details of power cable J169
See Subsection 8.6.4.
1) Make no connection to an unused pin or a pin with its name
parenthesized in connectors.
2) Do not change the combination of the wires of twisted pairs of cables
and the combination of signal and 0V wire pairs of coaxial cables.
3) When the internal cables of the cabinet are placed inside the cabinet
without attaching them to the relay panel:
D Put the FANUCspecified label to the connector cases to indicate
whether selection switch SW1 is set to A or B. (See Appendix B.)
D Mount a cover on each connector to prevent connector pins from
touching a metal plate in the cabinet.
D Be careful not to expose the mating part of each connector directly
to contaminants when the connector is covered or when the
connector is connected to a detachable LCD/MDI cable. In
addition, carefully determine the internal cable length so that the
mating part does not protrude from the cabinet.
D Also clamp the shield of internal cables.
1) The coil ON/OFF state is indicated in ladder indication as follows:
Coil ON White
Coil OFF Colored
The color varies depending on the CNC model and parameter setting
(color or monochrome).
2) A CNC and the detachable LCD/MDI Type B are connected on a
onetoone basis. The detachable LCD/MDI Type B cannot be
connected to more than one CNC via the display link.
3) The connectors used on the relay panel are not necessarily the
connectors indicated in this manual. To make detachable connection
possible, as connector CA72, use such a connector that allows 0 V to
be connected first.
4) The cables of the detachable LCD/MDI are consumables.
5) The detachable LCD/MDI Type B does not have a picture display
6) If a system alarm is issued in the Power Mate when the detachable
LCD/MDI is used with the Power Mate, the screen most recently
displayed on the detachable LCD/MDI is left displayed.
7) If the ambient temperature is low, the LCD luminance lowers. (In
particular, immediately after poweron, the LCD screen is dim.) This
is a characteristic of the LCD, and this does not mean that the LCD
fails. As the ambient temperature rises, the LCD luminance increases.
Notes on Cables

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