a series spindle amplifier interface (serial spindle), 337
10 BaseT connector pin assignments, 218
20pin interface connectors and cables, 465
Action against noise, 16
Address assignment, 201
Address assignment by ladder, 335
Addresses between the machine and the PMC, 55
Adjusting the standalone type LCD, 256
Adjusting the standalone type PDP, 251
Analog input function, 397
Analog input function specifications, 398
Analog servo interface unit, 342
Analog spindle interface, 340
Basic, expansion A, and expansion B units connection, 112
Batteries, 45
Battery for absolute pulse coder built into the motor (6 VDC),
Battery for data backup (3VDC) in CNC, 45
Battery for separate absolute pulse coders (6 VDC), 50
Battery for the analog servo interface unit, 51
Boardmounted connectors, 466
Cable clamp and shield processing, 21
Cable connection, 219
Cable length for manual pulse generator, 393
Cableleadin diagram, 29
Cableside connectors, 467
Commercially available touch panels, 400
Configuration, 4, 344
Configuration of the control unit, 26
Connecting a manual pulse coder to multiple Power Mates, 395
Connecting input power source, 173
Connecting servo check boards, 368
Connecting signal cables, 175
Connecting the extended C (2A output) unit, 115
Connecting the extended D (analog input) unit, 116
Connecting the FANUC servo unit b series with I/O Link, 335
Connecting the ground for signal of the control unit, 19
Connecting the power, 198
Connecting two CRT/MDI units, 507
Connecting with I/O modules, 178
Connection, 187, 207, 210, 217, 221, 223, 226, 335, 392, 400,
509, 520
Connection allowing the handy operators panel to be detached,
Connection between basic and additional units, 330
Connection between basic and extended units, 193
Connection by FSSB, 317
Connection by multiaxis synchronization function (Power Mate
iH only), 402
Connection by the laptop computer (channel 2), 386
Connection cable to I/O, 198
Connection details, 80, 345, 353, 398
Connection Diagram, 301
Connection diagram, 109, 172
Connection of analog servo interface type F, 345
Connection of analog servo interface type M, 353
Connection of battery for separate absolute pulse coder, 329
Connection of builtin I/O, 66
Connection of connector panel I/O module, 107
Connection of FANUC I/O Link by electric cable, 58
Connection of FANUC I/O Link optical cable, 59
Connection of I/O card D/E, 81
Connection of I/O units to machine interface, 52
Connection of machine operators panel I/O module A1, 137
Connection of operators panel I/O module B, 154
Connection of power supply, 321
Connection of the FANUC I/O Link, 57
Connection of the FANUC I/O UnitMODEL A, 170
Connection of the power supply, 357
Connection of units, 121
Connection ot separate pulse coder (parallel interface), 324
Connection procedure, 368
Connection to a commercially available touch panel, 400
Connection to a detachable LCD/MDI unit, 257
Connection to an LCD with A touch panel, 308
Connection to connector (slave board), 212
Connection to connector (slave board) B, 213
Connection to FA networks, 205
Connection to frame ground (grounding), 174
Connection to linear scale interface (parallel interface), 322
Connection to peripherals, 370
Connection to servo or spindle, 316
Connection to setting and display unit, 232
Connection to the Handy File (channel 1), 385
Connection to the handy operators panel, 286
Connection to the handy operators panel type B, 300
Connection to the standalone type MDI, 311
Connection Using the Display Link, 273

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