Connection using the video and MDI signals, 279
Connection when a setup/display device using the display link
interface is always connected, 403
Connection when a setup/display device using the display link
interface is not used, 407
Connector layout for I/O card D/E, 84
Connector layout of control unit, 30
Connector pin assignment, 110
Connector positions, 331
Control unit, 26
Cooling by heat exchanger, 15
Correspondence between I/O signals and addresses in a
module, 181
CRT link adapter, 243
CRT/MDI unit interface, 233
Design and installation conditions of the machine tool magnetic
cabinet, 11
Detachable CRT/MDI unit, 240
Detachable LCD/MDI type B, 271
Detachable LCD/MDI unit connected to one Power Mate unit,
Detailed connection diagram, 305
Details of cable J160, 306
Details of cables J86, J135, and J144, 306
Details of connection via RS422, 401
Details of DI connection, 70, 86
Details of DI/DO connections, 201
Details of DO connection, 74, 98
Details of signals, 349, 356
Details of singlechannel connection, 383
Details of twochannel connection, 380
Device number selection switch, 237
Device number selection switch interface, 255
DeviceNet, 225
DI (generalpurpose input signal) connection, 140, 157
DI (matrix input signal) connection, 142
DI/DO connection pin arrangement, 156
DI/DO connector pin arrangement, 139
Differences between the Slave Board and Slave Board B, 210
Digital input/output module, 179
Dimensions of I/O card D, E, 106
Display link interface (connection between the Power Mate
units and CRTs on a onetoone basis), 235
Display link terminating unit, 242
DO (output signal) connection, 143, 161
Emergency stop, 287, 302
Emergency stop signal, 415
Environmental conditions, 272
Environmental requirements, 8
Ethernet board, 215
Example of connecting a detachable LCD/MDI unit to the
twopath Power Mate iD, 270
External dimensions of connectors, 445
External dimensions of each unit, 423
External pulse input interface, 388
External view, 147, 163
External view of the handy machine operators panel, 414
FANUC FLnet board, 220
FANUC I/O Link connection unit, 183
FANUC I/O LinkII board, 209
FSSB I/O module, 190
Ground, 18
Handy machine operators panel, 413
Heat dissipated by each unit, 13
Heat loss, 358
High speed serial bus (HSSB), 207
Highspeed DI signal interface, 77
Highspeed DI signal specification, 77
How to attach and remove the DeviceNet board, 229
HSSB board for the Power Mate i, 207
HSSB DC interface boards, 207
I/O device interface, 371
I/O Link interface, 187
Input signal requirements, 327
Input signal specifications, 62
Input/output signal specifications, 62
Installation, 7
Installation of the control unit, 27
Interface between CRT and Power Mate (connection between a
single CRT and multiple Power Mate units), 236
Interface between standalone type CRT, standalone type
MDI, and Power Mate, 246
Interface between standalone type PDP, standalone type
MDI, and Power Mate, 249

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