1 Be sure to back up the latest data of the SRAM memory to
a flash memory card or Handy File to protect against a dead
battery or accident. (Data cannot be backed up to an SRAM
memory card. An SRAM memory card is used to copy data
to the hard disk of a personal computer.)
2 When the Power Mate i with a setting/display unit not
connected at all times is used, display a battery alarm on the
machine operators panel by using the battery alarm signal
3 The battery is secured onto the base printed circuit board.
When attaching/detaching the base printed circuit board
with the battery connected, back up the latest data
beforehand to protect against loss of data.
4 If the power to the Power Mate i is turned off with the battery
removed, data backup for more than 30 minutes is
impossible. If the battery is removed when the power to the
Power Mate i is off, data cannot be backed up.
5 When the SRAM memory contents are backed up to the
builtin FROM of the Power Mate i, memory data can be
recovered easily if it is lost. For the backup method, refer
to the maintenance manual (B62175EN). This backup
operation, however, does not mean that the backup to a
flash memory card or Handy File becomes unnecessary.
The following two kinds of batteries can be used.
D Lithium battery built into the Power Mate i control unit.
D Two alkaline dry cells (size D) in the external battery case.
1 When the battery case is mounted on the cabinet so that
batteries can be replaced outside the cabinet, battery
replacement can be performed without opening the cabinet.
(When the power to the machine is on, only persons who
have received a maintenance and safety education course
can open the cabinet to perform battery replacement.)
2 When the Power Mate i is shipped from FANUC, one lithium
battery is included in the controller. When you want to use
alkaline dry cells for backup, you need prepare an
externallyinstalled battery case for the control unit and two
alkaline dry cells (size D).
(1)Prepare a new lithium battery (ordering drawing number:
(2)Turn the Power Mate i on for about 30 seconds.
(3)Turn the Power Mate i off.
Replacing the lithium

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