Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 86 -
- Cases where linear interpolation is performed
Even when the G02.3 or G03.3 mode is set, linear interpolation is
performed in the following cases:
- When the linear axis specified in parameter(No.7636) is not
specified, or the amount of movement on the linear axis is 0
- When the rotary axis specified in parameter (No.7637) is
- When the amount for dividing the linear axis (span value) is 0
- Tool length compensation / cutter compensation
Neither tool length compensation nor cutter compensation can be used
in the G02.3 and G03.3 modes.
The amount for dividing the linear axis for exponential
interpolation (span value) affects figure precision.
However, if an excessively small value is set, the
machine may stop during interpolation. Try to
specify an optimal span value depending on the
machine being used.

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