Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 88 -
ω : Helix direction (0: Positive, 1: Negative)
θ : Workpiece rotation angle
From expressions (3) and (4), the following is obtained ;
)0())(()tan()( ZUXBZ +×=
The groove bottom taper angle (B) is determined from the end point
position on the X-axis and Z-axis according to Expression (5). The
amount of movement on the Z-axis is determined from a groove bottom
taper angle (B) and X-axis position.
From Expressions (1) and (4), the following is determined:
)tan(2/ IUrR ×= (6)
Constant R is determined from the left end diameter (r) and excess
length (U) according to Expression (6). Specify a taper angle (I) in
address I, and specify a helix angle (J) in address J. Note, however, that
a negative value must be specified as the taper angle (I) for constant
helix machining in order to produce a reverse tapered figure. Select a
helix direction with G02.3 or G03.3.
The user can perform constant helix machining to produce a tapered
figure or a reverse tapered figure.

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