Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 119 -
- Intervals of specified points
The intervals of specified points must be equal wherever possible.
Otherwise, the path may rise greatly.
The figure below shows an enlarged view of the rises of a curve.
1) If the intervals of specified points are equal in general
2) If the intervals of specified points are not equal
If this occurs, take the following actions:
1) Make the intervals of specified points equal wherever possible.
2) Set a smaller value for the maximum tolerance parameter (No.
(This is possible for systems having parameter No.7676.)
3) If the above actions do not solve the problem, turn smooth
interpolation off in the affected portions.
Because the interval differs greatly from the subsequent
one, the curve rises greatly in this section.
Curve resulting from smooth
interpolation (equal scale for height and
Enlarged view of the rises of a curve
(vertically magnified 20 times)

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