Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 121 -
way, the CNC automatically controls the speed in order to prevent
excessive strain being imposed on the machine.
G06.2 [P_ ] K_ IP_ [R_ ] [F_ ] ;
K_ IP_ [R_ ] ;
K_ IP_ [R_ ] ;
K_ IP_ [R_ ] ;
K_ IP_ [R_ ] ;
K_ ;
K_ ;
G06.2 : Start NURBS interpolation mode
P_ : Rank of NURBS curve
IP_ : Control point (Up to the maximum number of
controlled axes can be specified.)
R_ : Weight
K_ : Knot
F_ : Feedrate
- NURBS interpolation mode
The NURBS interpolation mode is selected when G06.2 is
programmed. G06.2 is a modal G code of group 01. So, the NURBS
interpolation mode ends when a G code of group 01 other than G06.2
(e.g. G00, G01, G02, G03) is specified.
- NURBS rank
The NURBS rank can be specified with address P. The rank setting, if
any, must be specified in the same block as the first control point. If the
rank setting is omitted, a rank of four (degree of three) is assumed for
NURBS. The valid data range for P is 2 to 4. The P values have the
following meanings:
P2 : NURBS having a rank of two (degree of one)
P3 : NURBS having a rank of three (degree of two)
P4 : NURBS having a rank of four (degree of three)
This rank is expressed by k in the defining expression indicated in the
description of the NURBS curve below. For example, a NURBS curve
having a rank of four has a degree of three. The NURBS curve can be
expressed by the constants t
, t
and t
- Weight
The weight of a control point programmed in a single block can be
defined. When the weight setting is omitted, a weight of 1.0 is assumed.

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