Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 125 -
At a corner, automatic speed control is exercised so that speed changes
on each axis do not exceed the allowable speed difference limit
specified with parameter No. 1478. (See Fig.4.17 (f) j
Fig.4.17 (f) Speed Determination Based on Corner Speed Differences
- Control point
Each control point is specified with a combination of an axis name and
coordinate word. No limit is imposed on the number of axes and axis
name combinations subject to NURBS interpolation. For an axis
subject to NURBS interpolation, however, a control point must be
specified in the first block. If no control point is specified for an axis in
the first block, the axis cannot be specified until the next NURBS
curved line starts or NURBS interpolation mode ends. A control point
can be specified either by absolute programming or by incremental
programming. If the absolute coordinates differ from the first control
point when NURBS interpolation starts, a PS alarm (No. 1009) is
output. (If control points are specified using incremental programming,
the first control point must be specified so that the amount of travel is 0
as in G06.2 X0 Y0 Z0 K_.)
- Command in NURBS interpolation mode
In NURBS interpolation mode, commands (such as auxiliary
functions) other than NURBS interpolation cannot be specified.
- Manual intervention
If manual intervention is performed with manual absolute on, a PS
alarm (No. 1010) is issued.
- Cutter compensation
NURBS interpolation cannot be used together with cutter
compensation. Therefore, you must cancel cutter compensation before
specifying NURBS interpolation. If NURBS interpolation is specified
in cutter compensation mode, a PS alarm (No. 1006) is issued.
- Functions that must be specified before setting NURBS interpolation mode
When using a function such as tool length compensation, coordinate
rotation, and scaling together with NURBS interpolation, specify the
function before setting NURBS interpolation mode. Cancel these
functions after NURBS interpolation mode ends.

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