Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 158 -
The feedrate set or altered is kept even while the power is off. The
current feed rate is displayed on the CRT screen.
When more than one handle is provided, the first handle is always used.
- Cutting feedrate clamp
A common upper limit can be set on the cutting feedrate along each
axis with parameter No. 1422. If an actual cutting feedrate (with an
override applied) exceeds a specified upper limit, it is clamped to the
upper limit.
When the cutting feedrate along an axis exceeds the maximum feedrate
for the axis as a result of interpolation, the cutting feedrate is clamped
to the maximum feedrate.
An upper limit is set in mm/min or inch/min.
CNC calculation may involve a feedrate error of +2%
with respect to a specified value. However, this is not
true for acceleration/deceleration.
- Setting input of cutting feedrate
With some machines, the cutting feedrate need not be changed
frequently during machining. For such machines, a cutting feedrate (a
non-zero value) can be set in parameter No. 1493. With this function,
the cutting feedrate (F code) need not be specified in the NC command
Even when a cutting feedrate is specified by setting input, a cutting
feedrate command specified in the NC command data is effective. The
specified cutting feedrate is maintained until another setting feedrate is
specified or the power is turned off.
When a cutting feedrate is specified by setting input, an F code is not
cleared by a reset regardless of the setting of bit 7 (NCM) of parameter
No. 2401.
See Appendix C for range of feedrate command value.

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