Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 179 -
(3) Move the tool manually to a desired position, then press
CRT/MDI soft key [AREA SETTING] to record the position.
Then, the coordinates of the current cursor position change.
Setting an area override
An area override is set within the range of 0% to 127%.
For each of the four areas, a separate area override can be set.
There are two methods of setting an area override, as follows:
(1) Specify and write a parameter number in G10.
Press the [Setting] key several times to display the area setting screen for
automatic feedrate control.
(2) Enter the necessary data directly in MDI mode.
1 Only in cutting mode in automatic operation, a check
is made to see whether the tool has entered an area,
and the tool is moved at a feedrate multiplied by the
percentage set in parameter No. 2060 to 2063.
2 This function is disabled in the following modes:
Threading, Feed per revolution, Tapping.
3 This function is also disabled when the X-axis and
Y-axis are used for the axes subjected to the
PMC axis control, Chopping.
4 The percentage of the cutting feedrate is obtained by
multiplying the normal feedrate override by the area
override of this function. If the multiplication result
exceeds 254%, it is clamped to 254%.
5 This function is disabled when the tool moves at a dry
run speed.
6 In three-dimensional coordinate conversion mode,
this function is valid for areas on the XY plane in the
machine coordinate system.
7 In synchronization control, areas are set for the
master axis.
The area override of this function is applied to all the
synchronized axes.

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