Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 182 -
Fig.6.1 (b) Reference position return and return form the reference
- Reference position return check
The reference position return check (G27) is the function which checks
whether the tool has correctly returned to the reference position as
specified in the program. If the tool has correctly returned to the
reference position along a specified axis, the lamp for the axis goes on.
- Reference position return
G28 IP ; Reference position return
G30 P2 IP 2nd reference position return
(P2 can be omitted.)
G30 P3 IP ; 3rd reference position return
G30 P4 IP ; 4th reference position return
IP: Command specifying the intermediate position
(Absolute/incremental command)
- Return from reference position
G29 IP ;
IP: Command specifying the destination of return from
reference position
(Absolute/incremental command)
- Reference position return check
G27 IP ;
IP: Command specifying the reference position
(Absolute/incremental command)
A (Start position for reference
position return)
B (Intermediate position)
C (Destination of return from the
reference position)
R (Reference position)
Reference position return A ¤B ¤R
Return from the reference position R ¤B ¤C

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