Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 185 -
Tools ca be returned to the floating reference position. A floating
reference point is a position on a machine tool, and serves as a
reference point for machine tool operation. A floating reference point
need not always be fixed, but can be moved as required.
G30.1 IP ;
IP : Command of the intermediate position of the floating
reference position
(Absolute command/incremental command)
Generally speaking, on a machining center or milling machine, cutting
tools can be replaced only at specific positions. A position where tools
can be replaced is defined as the second or third reference point. Using
G30 can easily move the cutting tools back to these points. On some
machine tools, the cutting tools can be replaced at any position unless
they interfere with the workpiece.
With these machines, the cutting tools should be replaced at a position
as close to the workpiece as possible so as to minimize the machine
cycle time. For this purpose, the tool change position is to be changed,
depending on the figure of the workpiece. This operation can easily be
performed using this function. That is, a tool change position suitable
for the workpiece is memorized as a floating reference point. Then
command G30. 1 can easily cause return to the tool change position
A floating reference point becomes a machine coordinate position
memorized by pressing the soft key [SET FRP] on the current positions
display screen (See Operation II-9.15).
The G30.1 block first positions the tool at the intermediate point along
the specified axes at rapid traverse rate, then further moves the tool
from the intermediate point to the floating reference point at rapid
traverse rate.
Before using G30.1, cancel cutter compensation and tool length
compensation. A floating reference point is not lost even if power is
turned off.
The function for returning from the reference position (G29) can be
used for moving the tool from the floating reference position (see II-

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